Conversation Thread Actions


1. Send a Message- Members can respond and compose messages to Contacts in their conversation thread and Members in their Team Chat Message thread.



2. Send a Facebook Message- Members can respond to inbound Facebook messages the same way they would respond to a text in Rhinogram. The message will be received just like a regular Facebook message to the patient. It is important to remember, the contact must message an organization first in order to initiate this form of communication. For example, If a Member hasn't reached out to a contact in 24 hours, and wants to send an outbound facebook message in Rhinogram, it will fail. The organization has the option to start the conversation from Facebook Messenger, and then continue in Rhinogram. Facebook messages sent in or out will be notated by an 'F' in the conversation thread.


3. Send a RhinoSecure Message - The RhinoSecure channel is an end to end encrypted channel, which allows a Member to send texts and large files and images securely. Contacts will receive a text message with a link inside it, and when the link has been selected, it will redirect the contact to Rhinogram's login page. Here, they can access any messages or download any files the organization has sent.  These messages are distinguished in the thread by a lock symbol. 


4. Add a Note - A Member can add a note when assigning to a Member or Patient Message Group. This note will appear in the Contact’s message thread just like an Internal Note. It’s meant to give context if they need to explain why a Member is assigning a message to a group or member.


Learn more about how to @Mention a Member, multiple Members, or Group from the Note Composition area on a Contact's Message Thread.


Can a Member add an attachment in an Internal Note?

Yes, attachments can be added with or without text. Attachments and text should be contained within the same internal note. Sending Files and Attachments rules apply. 



Note: If the last event on the message was a note, the compose box will be in the note section for all Members, and if the last event was a message, it defaults to the regular message for all members. This is to prevent a member from responding to an internal note while in the messages option and accidentally sending it to the patient.


5. Follow a Conversation- If a Member wants to be updated every time a new message is sent from another Member or a Contact, they should follow the conversation. A duplicate view of the conversation will appear in the Member's 'Following' task list. A badge notification will appear every time a new message is sent from a Team Member or Contact, as well as anytime a Thread Event is applied. 


To follow a conversation from the message thread, Select the conversation menu (3 dots) -> Select 'Follow.' 



To follow a conversation from a list of Contacts in a Group, Select the star in front of the Contact's name. 

To unfollow a conversation, deselect the star icon, or click Unfollow in the conversation menu. 



6. Assign a Conversation- Assigning a conversation takes the active conversation out of the group or list it's currently in and places it in a new one. Conversations can be assigned to either a Patient Message Group or an individual Member.


Can a Member add an attachment to an Internal Note when assigning a Message to a Group or Member?

Yes, a Member can assign a Message to another Member(s) or Group with an attachment, with or without text. Attachments and text should be contained within the same internal note. Sending Files and Attachments rules apply. Selecting Assign on the internal note will create a thread event on the Contact's message thread. 



7. Closing Conversation  Rhinogram  offers the ability to close a conversation, whether you have searched for the contact, clicked through from the mentions list or contacts page,  you will be able to close the conversation right then and there.  

If multiple conversations are open for a contact, the user will be presented with the group name where the conversation currently is assigned. You can also  close conversations that you have access to  one by one and an event will be added to the patient thread. 

This feature also includes a tour to drive awareness of this enhanced capability



8. Mark a conversation as Read or Unread- Once a Member opens a message, it will automatically mark as unread for their login. However, a message will only reflect as unread for the whole organization if the message is replied to. To mark a message as unread in the thread, select the conversation menu (3 dots), and Mark as Unread. 



9. Select Content- Use the Select Content feature to choose specific history from a conversation thread to save and share if needed. 



Bulk Actions

Can a Member perform thread actions on multiple messages at one time?

To increase an organization's workflow, a Member has the ability to select multiple threads and perform bulk actions on the selected threads directly from the list view. This can be done without having to click into each message individually.


Note: This capability also depends on the permissions associated with a Member's Role in the organization. Some roles may have restrictions to certain bulk actions.


Selecting conversations in a Patient Group: 

On the left hand side of each Group, there is a drop down option to pre-select specific conversation threads based on the options below. As an example, if a Member selects unread, it will auto select every message that is unread in that group. A Member can then perform a Bulk Action with the selected messages. 





Bulk Actions a Member can complete in a Patient Group: 

  • Assigned to Me Actions: Assignment Complete, Assign, Follow, Unfollow, Read, Unread, RhinoBlast

  • Following Actions: Unfollow, Read, Unread, RhinoBlast

  • Patient Group Actions: Assign to Me, Assign, Close Conversation, Follow/Unfollow, Read/Unread, RhinoBlast

  • Direct Actions: Assign to Me, Assign, Close Conversation, Follow/Unfollow, Read/Unread, RhinoBlast


Can a Member perform bulk actions in Direct Team Messages?

Yes, Members can complete a Bulk Action within a Team chat. The Member has the option to select All, None, Read, or Unread messages under 'Direct' in Team Messages from the Navigation Panel. 

Bulk Actions a Member can complete in a Direct Team Messages

  • Mark as Read

  • Mark as Unread

  • Close


For example, a Member can select Unread messages, then complete a Bulk Action of closing the 'Read' Team Messages. 


How many conversation threads are viewable on a page?

Each Rhinogram group will display 20 items maximum per page. At the bottom of the page, there is a counter to show the Member how many conversation threads are open. To move along to the next page, you will select the next and previous arrows. 


Can a Member select message threads on more than one page at a time?

A Member can select all (or individual) conversations on one page, then use the arrows to toggle to the next page. Rhinogram will display the total conversations selected.  For example, a Member can select 5 conversations on page 1, toggles to page 2 and selects another 7 conversations. The total selected is 12. The Member will then Select an Action from the drop down. The selected action applies to all of the selected threads across every page.