How to log into Rhinogram:

As a new Rhinogram Member, an Administrator will set up any new Members with an email address. The Member will receive an email from providing the Member a link to set up a password. 

As an existing Member, navigates to the Rhinogram Login Page, and enters the email address and password established at activation. Make sure to manually bookmark the URL for easy access. If this notification appears, verify in the Bookmark Manager of the browser that only is bookmarked. 


Does every Member need their own login?

Yes, due to HIPAA and security it is important that every team member has their own Rhinogram login. If your organization currently has a login where multiple staff members share, please create individual logins for each member. 
HIPAA Audit Log tracks every action made by a member. If staff is using a shared account, there would be no way to differentiate one Members actions from another.


Can Rhinogram support Touch ID/Face ID for iPhone or Fingerprint/ Face Recognition for Android?

Yes, Rhinogram supports Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone. Fingerprint or Face Recognition for Android is not supported.

To enable Touch ID/Face ID for iPhone: 

1. Log into the Rhinogram application on the iPhone

2. Select the initials/profile picture in the upper right-hand corner -> Select Preferences

3. At the bottom of this menu, toggle on 'Enable Touch ID/ Face ID'

Always check for the latest version of the Rhinogram mobile application. 


Can an organization limit a Member's access to the Rhinogram mobile application?

Yes, Member's access to the mobile application can be limited to either Team Conversations or Contacts & Patient Messages. Visit Roles to review how to limit or disable mobile application access. 


What if a Member forgets their password?
To learn all you need to know about your password, visit our Passwords FAQ! 


Does every Member need to have a a 'work' email address?

Due to security and password recovery, every member within Rhinogram is required to have a unique email address. If everyone in an organization does not have a work email address, the Member may use a personal one.


How does an organization turn on Multi-Factor Authentication? BETA
To enable Multi-factor Authentication for all Members, please reach out to the Rhinogram Success Team and a Success Team Member will enable for the organization. This is uneditable on the individual member level.

However, any member can enable this feature for their own account by going to My Settings -> Profile -> Login Information ->Toggle On -> Save Profile.
An administrator with Member Admin permissions, may also turn on this feature for individual Members. Select Members from the Settings -> Members->Select the Member- > Edit Member -> Login Information > Toggle On > Update Member.

What Happens once Multi-factor Authentication is enabled?
Once enabled, the Member will receive the email seen below. They can select “Click Here” to begin the enrollment process. If they do not follow that link and attempt to login with their credentials as normal, they’ll be presented with the multi-factor set-up as well.


To start the enrollment process, the member will download the Google Authenticator application and scan the QR code within the app. (Available in the app stores for android and iPhone users)

Once they do this, it will take them to this screen below. The member should login to Google Authenticator and enter in the 6 digit code given to them.

Once entered, they will see the prompt below and be automatically taken into their inbox.